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Climate change, pollution and the global loss of wildlife are all over the news. Young people worldwide are making their voices heard.  They want to inherit a world that is safe, healthy and a joy to live in. Climate scientists say we have a decade to act. So surely this is the moment to link across the generations and across cultural and national boundaries to find ways of living that are better for people and planet. If that’s what you believe, but you’re not sure where to start or what to do first then Living Greener might be for you.  Living Greener sets out to answer the question,

What can I do in my daily life that will really make a difference?

Here you will find evidence-based suggestions for changes we can all make to our homes, food, transport, the stuff we buy, and how we work and play. You can create you own personal Change List, then try the changes, rate and review them and share your own suggestions. There are small changes and big changes, and some will suit you and some will not, but as I’ve heard it said,

It’s more important for all of us to live better than for a few of us to live perfectly.

Living Greener is free and volunteer-run, with no advertising and no ties. It’s just here to help. In fact Living Greener is two of us (former BBC Natural History Radio producer and former GP) and a dog (former puppy) living in Bristol, England.  But, most importantly, Living Greener is a growing community working together to come up with the best ideas and supporting one another to have the biggest impact. Research shows that the single most important factor affecting whether we stick with environmental changes is whether our friends and neighbours are doing the same, so whether you’ve been doing this stuff for ages or you’re just dipping your toe in the water,

you can help create a global neighbourhood that can really make a difference.

What do you think? Is it for you?  We do hope so.

Grant and Sue

We’re still getting the site fully functional, so you might bump into some oddities, typos and road works along the way.  Let us know if it’s something you think we’ve missed.  Otherwise, bear with us.  Thanks

featured changes

Here’s a taste of some of the change ideas available, click on each to find out more and if you like it, add it to your change list and browse more like it.  You can also select the change category that interests you most from the main menu. 

Boot up!

As the ultimate low carbon leisure activity and all round aid to good physical and mental health getting into walking is a no brainer. If you like walking on your own or with the dog you’re probably already doing it, but if you need a bit of socialising as an...

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Try non-dairy milk

I was really anti the idea of non-dairy milks (past traumas with soya milk in tea), but I realised that my breakfast cereal had lots of nuts in it anyway so I thought I'd give it a go with almond milk. Actually I liked it from the outset and now...

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Take the plunge

Walk, bike, bus or train to the local pool and you are heading for some serious low carbon exercise with the added challenge of improving your swimming, or in my case, staying afloat! Can’t get there without a car? Why not arrange a regular car pooling pool session. The swimming.org...

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Don’t put up with a drip

A dripping tap can waste up to 5,000 litres of water every year. Fixing a dripping tap is usually as simple as replacing a tap washer. The best time to fix a dripping tap is now!

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Plan a planty party

Since we've got to shift over to eating less meat and more plants, doing it with friends seems a good sociable start.  Why not invite/challenge your friends to bring a plant based dish to share?  It should be intereesting to hear what people find easy/difficult/surprising/impossible and hopefully you'll all get...

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Pump it up

If your tyres are flatter than they should be there’s more of them touching the road surface, so your engine has to work harder against the friction of tyre on tarmac. Check them regularly to make sure they’re at the right pressure for the best fuel consumption. It really does...

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featured blog posts

Here’s a selection from the blog where we talk about the issues and put the changes into context 

A greener life is a happier life

There’s a growing body of research that suggests that a low-carbon life is (or at least can be) a fun life. We can consume less, emit less, and be happier. That’s something to sing about! A paper by Angela Druckman … Read More

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Should I buy an electric car?

Cars are responsible for as much as a sixth of Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions, so this is an important area to target when it comes to living greener, but are electric cars the answer? A car’s carbon emissions come from … Read More

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Bananas are the new roses

The carbon emissions from a single hot house-grown red rose are more than from 4 kilos of imported bananas, so I’m floating the idea of a dozen yellow bananas for next Valentine’s day. I set off on this potentially romantically … Read More

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Living Greener on Facebook and LivingGreenerUK on Instagram are great ways to share ideas and spread the word. 

There’s a  Living Greener Facebook group where we can chat, make connections and swap ideas.

And remember, the Living Greener community depends on your your suggestions and questions about change ideas that have worked for you and things you’d like us to look into.  You can also review and rate the changes once you’ve tried them on your change list.

Okay, where next?