Welcome to LivingGreener.  If you’re convinced by all the recent news that we really do need to do something about climate change, species loss and pollution, but you’re not sure where to start or which path to take, then LivingGreener might be for you.

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We are 2 people (and a dog) living in Bristol, England.  When we worked full-time life was so busy this seemed just too much to deal with, but now we’re newly retired (former furniture maker/BBC radio producer and former GP) we’ve finally got time to do the research and come up with some answers.

Our first idea was to look at the environmental impact of our own lives, draw up a list of the changes that would make the biggest difference and start putting them into practice, but talking to friends and neighbours we found a wealth of ideas and experience and people trying their own things, so we began looking at how to combine and share all these resources.

Then we found research that shows the single biggest factor helping people stick with environment-friendly changes is if their neighbours are doing the same, and we thought, okay, let’s grow our neighbourhood online and porentially world-wide.  Let’s find more people with ideas to share and let’s help one another make the changes and stick with them. That’s how LivingGreener.org came about.

The plan is to create a site which keeps up to date with developments on the blog and links those to practical changes that we can all make in our daily lives.  You’ll be able to create your own account, draw up your personal change list, rate and review the changes and share your own ideas.  Working together we can develop the best ideas, and acting together we can have the biggest impact.

It’s free and volunteer-run, with no advertising and no ties.  It’s just here to help.

We’re working towards a fully functional launch in the Autumn, but there’s already enough on the site to make a start. We hope it might work for you.

What do you think?

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