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or how coffee drinkers can save the planet.

To fill our kettle at home takes a litre and a half of water. To fill my coffee cup takes less than half litre. So if I boil a full kettle every time I make a single cup of coffee or tea I am boiling a litre more water than I need to. If I were to do that just twice a day I would be wasting 2 litres of boiled water a day, or 730 litres a year.

There are around 66 million people in the United Kingdom, of which roughly 50 million are of coffee/tea drinking age. If they all behaved in the same way we would be boiling an unnecessary 36.5 billion litres of water a year. That’s almost 15,000 Olympic swimming pools.

15,00 olympic swimming pools of water boiled needlessly each year

That would take a staggering 3.4 billion kWh of electricity, and since the average UK household uses around 3700 kWh of electricity per year, if we all boiled just enough water to make our cuppas rather than filling the kettle we could save the equivalent of the electricity consumption of around 1 million households per year!

Imagine what inspiring headlines it would make if 1 million households agreed to cut their electricity consumption to zero. Imagine how easy it would be to pour just a cupful of water into your kettle rather than filling it (tap to cup to kettle). Imagine if we all did that.

Okay… let’s do it then.

Tap to cup to kettle!

Tap to cup to kettle!

Tap to cup to kettle!

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