swap the car key for the bike key

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It seems a small thing, but I used to have my car key on the same ring as my house keys so that if I went out in the car I couldn’t lock myself out.  My bike key was on a separate ring so I didn’t need to have so many heavy keys with me when I used the bike.  I didn’t do that very often; mostly just for exercise or a gentle sunny afternoon ride.

Now I’d like to find ways of cutting down on the carbon emissions of car use and getting fitter in the process. So I’d like to use the bike more for everyday stuff, but I need to remind myself to do it. That’s when I switched the bike key onto the house key ring and left the car key separate.

It has worked as a reminder, a green nudge, but it’s also turned out to be a symbolic reinforcement of my decision to do things differently. It makes me feel good. Today I cleaned the bike and yesterday I ordered some new panniers that will be so much easier to lift off and carry round a shop and put our food shopping straight onto the bike. 

Hmmm.. I upgraded my panniers when the old ones were still functional. But they were a faff to use and a deterrent to using the bike for shopping. Good move or a waste of resources?

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  1. Jill Green
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    Perhaps it depends on what do you have done with your old panniers. Can there be used to something else, or passed on through a charity shop or freecycle something like that. Or perhaps a space on your Facebook page to offer things for rehoming?

    • Living Greener
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      Thanks, Jill. Yes. I’ll definitely be passing them on. Freecycle might be particularly appropriate! It’s interesting just how much more applealing it is to shop by bike though now that the new panniers are doing such a good job and making the whole process easier.

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