Eat for the climate

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Because food accounts for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, changing what we eat can make a huge contribution to reducing gloabal warming.

Step one… waste less.  Less waste food releasing methane as it rots in landfill; less carbon released in growing the food (and co-incidentally more respect for the extrordinary, life-supporting and life-enhancing thing that food is.)

Step two… eat more veg.  We currently rear so many animals for meat and milk that the methane they burp as they convert grass or grain or soya beans into meat makes a very significant contribution to global warming. If we shifted to a plant based diet we could halve the greenhouse gas emissions due to food and release 3/4 of the world’s farmland which would be good for wildlife and biodiversity.  Maybe we could even use some of it to grow trees which remove CO2 from the atmosphere and so reduce global warming.

Okay, there is zero chance of the world going totally meat-free, but even moving half way towards that would have almost 3/4 of the greenhouse gas benefits and over half the land-use benefits.  And the first steps towards that happen with small changes tried out by all of us, day-to-day, in our homes.

Here’s a great article and a food carbon footprint calculator from the BBC – so you can see how your diet affects the climate and decide what to do about it.

And check out our eating greener change ideas and add the ones you like to your personal change list.

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