Our world is more connected than ever.  We buy food, clothes, cars and computers, made by people, and with resources, from all round the planet.   What we choose to buy connects us to all those people and all those places and can be a force for social and environmental good, or ill, world-wide…. just through our everyday choices.

Plastic pollution and climate change are making headlines again. Climate scientists say we have a decade to act.  Young people worldwide are making their voices heard.  They want our generation to pass on a world that is safe, healthy and a joy to live in.  So this is surely the moment to link across the generations and around the world and find ways of living that are better for people and planet.

Climate change isn’t the only concern, but I think we have to give it priority for two reasons. One is that it will make worse every other social and environmental issue, from human health, well-being and devellopment to species and habitat loss, and if large areas of the Earth become un-farmable we will also see mass human migration and conflict over resources. The other reason is that we have to stop it before it goes any further. We can’t go back later if we find that we don’t like the consequences.  

So all that puts a big red flag by climate change on the global risk assessment form.

And report after report from academics, govenment advisors and the Inergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that, although we’ve been aware of climate change for over 50 years, our past failure to act means that we have to make big changes and make them now.  It’s not complicated.  We just need to get on with it!

So the idea of  LivingGreener is to create a site which keeps up to date with developments on the blog and links those to practical changes that we can all make in our daily lives, and a global online neighbourhood so that we can share ideas and experiences and support one another through those changes.

We’ve split things into 6 areas.

  • food – sourcing, buying, cooking, eating
  • home – heating, lighting, washing, cleaning and recycling
  • tansport – from holidays to dog walks to shopping trips
  • stuff – clothes, white goods, tech, furniture and the general stuff of life
  • work – cylce racks, recycling, grab-and-go lunches, and turning out the lights
  • play – maximum fun/minimum pollution, and creating a low carbon foundation for a happy life.

You can create your own account, draw up your personal change list, rate and review the changes and share your own ideas.  Working together we can develop the best ideas, and acting together we can have the biggest impact.

It’s free and volunteer-run, with no advertising and no ties.  It’s just here to help.

Its only prejudices are that climate change is real, that we can do something about it if we work together and support one another, and that individual changes add up and influence other people, businesses and governments.

As I write this we are still building the site and working towards a fully functional launch in the Autumn, but there’s already enough to explore and make a start on Living Greener. Please let us know what you think and share your suggestions, and if you’re curious, here’s more about us.

Click the button below and we’ll keep you informed.