Boot up!

As the ultimate low carbon leisure activity and all round aid to good physical and mental health getting into walking is a no brainer. If you like walking on your own or with the dog you’re probably already doing it, but if you need a bit of socialising as an incentive, a quick online search for walking groups in the UK throws up the British Heart Foundation, the nationwide organisation Walking for health, and of course, the Ramblers with groups all over the country.  If you search for local walking groups you’ll probably find groups for young people, old people, single people, speed walkers, slow walkers, long distance walkers, dog walkers… anybody really.

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Low carbon leisure is the future. Research shows that leisure activities which tend to increase happiness and wellbeing involve physical activity, mental activity, challenge, contribute to personal growth and involve something social. With a bit of thought it’s easy to combine those things with activities that are low carbon and that can even lead to new living greener friendships.


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