Build a green team

Get together a green team, from cleaner to CEO, to start reducing the environmental impact of the workplace and making it a less wasteful, healthier, more productive environment. Don’t be shy, you can’t do it alone, and this is vital stuff. Let’s face it, no-one is going to say, “Oh no. I think we should be more wasteful and less productive and less healthy”.  Give it a kick start by meeting after work. The quotes on the Living Greener Home Page are pretty good for motivation!



Work is a great place to make a difference, but an easy place to not make the effort. So let’s shake off any idea that the work environment is someone else’s responsibility. We can look for ways to waste less. We can come together and feel more motivated around achieving something really positive. We can influence people who aren’t yet living greener at home. And what starts in the workplace can grow to influence the way the whole business is run.


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