Get comfy in your jumper

When we were first able to heat our houses to the point where we could wear shirt sleeves in mid winter it was a sign of growing 20th Century affluence, or in retrospect, decadence. Now that we know the environmental cost of wasted energy we need to rethink. Why not put on your favourite jumper with your heating at its normal level and see how hot you get? Then turn the heating down till you’re comfy in your jumper. You might find you don’t need your home as hot as you thought. Brindley is modelling an upcycled late 20th century M+S chunky knit and is very comfy in his (my) jumper.

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Honing your heating set up is one of the easiest ways to reduce wasted money and energy because heating is one of the biggest energy costs in a home. Why not give yourself a month to experiment and try new ways of doing things? A bit of time spent now thinking things through and trying things out could save you money, and cut your carbon emissions for years to come.


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