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If rootling about in the local charity shop is not your thing there is a growing number of online vintage stores. Oxfam have put all their vintage clothes online with profits going to the charity. Beyond Retro has been growing since 2002 and has a website that is packed with clothes, their own up-cycled brand and even info on how to care for vintage fashion

Can you help add to our list of online vintage retailers?




Throw-away fashion at throw-away prices also throws away resources, energy, and water (2,700 litres of water to make one t-shirt, over 5000 to make one pair of jeans), can be horrendously polluting in the use of pesticides, bleaches and dyes, often underpays or exploits farmers and factory workers, and fills up the landfill with rotting fabrics that release greenhouse gasses. So, we need to do it differently


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