Group your trips

If a lot of your car use is for short journeys on errands, school runs, dog walks and shopping trips, do a bit of planning and group the trips together so that you can cut the to and fro and take the car out once instead of lots of times. Works well with the car-free days challenge.


Drive less. The fact is that we’re going to have to change our travel habits. More walking, cycling, tram, bus and train, less car and plane. We might eventually end up using electric cars for some things, but electric vehicles require a huge amount of energy to build (ie carbon emissions) and rare and increasingly expensive resources for their batteries (like cobalt which principally comes from under the threatened tropical forests of the politically unstable Democratic Republic of Congo). So simply to replace all our internal combustion engine cars with electric ones is not the solution. So let’s start taking steps towards greener ways of getting around.


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