Pump it up

If your tyres are flatter than they should be there’s more of them touching the road surface, so your engine has to work harder against the friction of tyre on tarmac. Check them regularly to make sure they’re at the right pressure for the best fuel consumption. It really does make a difference. Here’s a pressure gauge if you can’t face queuing at the garage air pump. There are loads of similar things available.


Drive more efficiently. If you can’t find an alternative to the car for a particular trip then driving in a way that uses less fuel cuts your carbon emissions, air pollution, and saves money. Most of it comes down to relaxing a bit, giving yourself time and taking it easy. Strange isn’t it; we’re probably used to rushing about in our cars so that we can get loads of things done so that we can finally… relax and take it easy. All we have to do is bring that forward into the driving.


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