Slow the flow

Replace your standard 15 litres per minute shower head with a low flow model. This Mira model is 8 litres per min. This Flowpoint one too. This Kiri Satinhead shower head is a very low 5.7 Litres per minute.

Or, if you are particularly attached to your current shower head, you can reduce your shower’s flow rate by adding a shower flow regulator which you can get free through your local water company in many parts of the UK.

In our shower you can just turn down the flow without it running cold, which is Sue’s preference.


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According to our local water supply company, Bristol Water, showering accounts for 1/4 of the average household’s water use, and 1/4 of the average household’s energy bill goes on heating water. So if you shower for less time, shower less often, or reduce the shower flow rate you are saving water, energy, money and carbon emissions.


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