train travel made easy

In 2001 former British Rail Station Manager, Mark Smith, set up a website as a hobby to help people plan train journeys across Europe. It’s now an award-winning site called the man in seat 61 and it’s a great resource if you’re looking for alternatives to flying.  Here’s what the man himself says. ”The site aims to inspire people to do something more rewarding with their travel opportunities than schlepping to an airport, getting on a soulless airliner and missing all the world has to offer. It then sets out to enable people to take train or ferry by giving the confidence and know-how to book their trip themselves, or call the right people to book it for them at affordable prices.”

It’s really worth a look


Take the train. Train is the greenest form of powered transport, and as we shift to more electrified train lines and more renewably generated electricity it will get better and better. We may well be heading towards the second age of the train. So get a head of the game and “let the train take the strain”


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