Try non-dairy milk

I was really anti the idea of non-dairy milks (past traumas with soya milk in tea), but I realised that my breakfast cereal had lots of nuts in it anyway so I thought I’d give it a go with almond milk. Actually I liked it from the outset and now cows’ milk tastes too fatty and heavy.  I’ve even been brave with almond milk in tea and in rich teas it seems fine.  We’ve also used it in white sauces and they’ve been fine, so this feels like something that could develop.



We currently rear so many animals for meat and milk that the methane they burp as they convert grass or grain or soya beans into meat makes a huge contribution to global warming.

If we shift to a plant based diet we can halve the greenhouse gas emissions due to food and release 3/4 of the world’s farmland which would be good for wildlife and biodiversity. Even moving half way towards that would have almost 3/4 of the greenhouse gas benefits and over half the land-use benefits.

The first steps happen with small changes made by all of us, day-to-day, in our homes.


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