Tune your heating timer

If you use a heating timer, try starting it half an hour later in the mornings and turning it off half an hour earlier. See if you notice a difference. If not to, try another half hour, or a quarter of an hour. The same in the evenings…. you don’t need it on all the way to bed time because your nicely warmed house will hold its heat for a good while after the heating goes off. If you can shave off 2 hours a day that’s 60 hours a month or roughly 360 hours over a winter. Equivalent to more than a fortnight of constant heating! Why would you heat your house for a fortnight if you don’t need it?

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Honing your heating set up is one of the easiest ways to reduce wasted money and energy because heating is one of the biggest energy costs in a home. Why not give yourself a month to experiment and try new ways of doing things? A bit of time spent thinking things through now and trying things out could save you money, and cut your carbon emissions for years to come.


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