There’s a growing body of research that suggests that a low-carbon life is (or at least can be) a fun life. We can consume less, emit less, and be happier.

Work, work, work.  Earn, earn, earn.  Rush, rush, rush.  Collapse and consume.

Okay.. I may be exagerating, but in my personal experience there can be so little time and energy left after all the striving and struggling to make a living that play time has to be instantly gratifying, convenient and require as little effort as possible, all of which seems to work against living a greener life. There are also the acknowledged problems of increasing obesity, mental health problems and social isolation.  But according to research from the University of Surrey, what improves our well-being often also improves the planet’s well-being.

principles behind a green leisure life

get together

get active

get creative

get learning

greener play ideas for your Change List

start a repair shop

We know that we’ve got to ditch the throw-away culture and that repairing stuff is the answer. Out there there are people who have amazing abilities and experience of fixing things and making them work. But how do we find them?  If you know people like that, or you are...

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Boot up!

As the ultimate low carbon leisure activity and all round aid to good physical and mental health getting into walking is a no brainer. If you like walking on your own or with the dog you’re probably already doing it, but if you need a bit of socialising as an...

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join a choir

Whatever your age or ability, and whether you’re into folk, jazz, gospel, classical, pop or show tunes, there’s a choir out there for you. Singing in a choir ticks all the well-being boxes. It’s sociable, creative, challenging, and great for the breathing, and if you can get there on foot...

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Take the plunge

Walk, bike, bus or train to the local pool and you are heading for some serious low carbon exercise with the added challenge of improving your swimming, or in my case, staying afloat! Can’t get there without a car? Why not arrange a regular car pooling pool session. The

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get the bike gear

Whether you're using a bike for work, play or just getting around, the right clothes can make the difference between being dry, safe and happy or giving up.  I know it puts up the cost, but a helmet is a must (floppy ears optional) and please do get a bright...

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learn a new (carbon-cutting) skill

Going to a class to learn new practical skills combines so many of the things we know contribute to health and happiness; physical and mental activity, challenge and personal growth, and doing something sociable. So why not learn some skills that will also cut your Carbon footprint? Furniture repair techniques,...

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Cycle into the sunset

Once you’ve started using the bike more instead of the car you’ll find that you’re getting fitter and that the cycling becomes easier and maybe even a pleasure! We have a good friend who took that route, and now cycling is one of her main social, leisure and holiday activities....

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