Changes we make in our workplace are not only valuable in themselves, but can also influence our colleages and send a message to our employers that living and working greener matters to us. 

All over the world there are people driving their cars to work, spending their days in overheated or overcooled buildings, surrounded by energy-hungry gadgets and technology, and grabbing take-away food in throw-away packaging. But waste is bad business and there’s no point in living greener at home and blowing it at work. 

greener work practices

create a green team

create a green team, from cleaning staff to CEO, to drive and manage the green workplace changes.

commute greener

re-imagine the journey to work on foot, bike and public transport, and commit to a green commuting policy.

work green and productive

Plan for green changes that boost happiness, health and productivity.  It’s a win win for the workplace.

save energy, save money

cut money and energy wasted on out of hours heating, AC, lighting and inefficient and carelss use of IT and gadgets.

reduce, re-use, recycle

cut the wasteful use supplies and consumables.  Increase their value by re-using where possible and make recycling easy and efficient.

greener work ideas for your Change List

Build a green team

Get together a green team, from cleaner to CEO, to start reducing the environmental impact of the workplace and making it a less wasteful, healthier, more productive environment. Don’t be shy, you can’t do it alone, and this is vital stuff. Let’s face it, no-one is going to say, “Oh...

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No more parking nightmares

Avoid the hideous hunt for a parking space. I remember with a groan the daily competition for on-street parking when I used to drive to work. Hunting the space could add 20 minutes to the commute and leave me with another 10 minute walk. That was enough to miss the...

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get the bike gear

Whether you're using a bike for work, play or just getting around, the right clothes can make the difference between being dry, safe and happy or giving up.  I know it puts up the cost, but a helmet is a must (floppy ears optional) and please do get a bright...

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Pack it or rack it

Why not get a folding bike or sort out a bike rack for work? We got a second-hand Brompton folding bike recently, and we love it. It packs up really small, is fun to ride, and fits on a train or by a desk if your commute or work travel...

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Google a bus

There was time when the challenge of finding the right bus or even the bus stop to get you where you wanted, and then working out the timetable, might have put you off using public transport altogether, but those days are gone thanks to Google maps on your phone. If...

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