Let’s be climate neighbours!

As we’ve said elsewhere, there is quite literally no point in doing this on our own!

Per Espen Stoknes gave a very interesting TED talk on the psychology of climate change.  You can watch it below. He quoted a big study which showed that the strongest motivation for making and sticking with climate-friendly changes is whether our neighbours are doing so too.  Maybe a mixture of competition, social pressure and support?  Anyway, let’s be neighbours, wherever you are! Let’s create a global neighbourhood for climate-friendly changes.

There’s a page of ideas that you can add to, a list of questions that we want to address.  What do you want to know about?

There are comment boxes at the end of each post and page. Please contribute your own ideas, knowledge and questions, and let us know if you’ve tried something and how it worked out for you.  

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Living Greener is about planting seeds.  They will only grow if we water them with a bit if attention and interaction, and they will only fruit if we all put the ideas into practice.  Ooh!  And fruit produce more seeds and more ideas and… I’m liking the analogy.

Have fun, live greener and stay in touch.

Grant and Sue