Brilliant.  Thanks for your enthusiasm and welcome to the growing neighbourhood. 

We look forward to hearing your ideas, questions, suggestions and experiences.  There are comment boxes on all the pages and specific pages for brainstorming ideas and asking questions.

If you happen to have expert knowledge of environmental sciences or policy, economics, change management, IT or communications and would like to volunteer to help on any basis that suits you, we’d love to hear from you.

If we’re going to keep in touch and enable you to have a personal change list once we’ve got the facility sorted, then we’re going to need you to sign in with an email and a password.  Just to be clear, we are a couple of people doing this because we think it’s worthwhile.  We’re not selling anything.  There are no charges or fees.  You won’t be advertised at and your email won’t be passed on.  (Here’s more about us, and our privacy policy.) There is also the option for email notifications when there are new blog posts at a frequency that suits you, but since there are only two of us and we do have outside lives I don’t think you’ll get overwhelmed!

Thanks.  Enjoy the site and be in touch.

Grant and Sue