One of the biggest shocks we had when we started exploring ways to live a greener life was how much of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from food.

According to a 2018 Oxford Unversity study one quarter of all emissions are a result of the food we eat. That’s more than all our cars, lorries, buses, planes and trains put together. The emissions come from farming, food packaging and transport, and sadly from good food rotting, either on its way from farms to the consumers, (that’s largely an issue in poorer countries) or when we let it go to waste in our cupboards and fridges. (You have to be rich to be that wasteful.)



What’s more, a stagering 40% of the world’s non-desert land is given over to food production (so no room for wildlife there) and 2/3 of the world’s fresh water goes into agriculture, which increases water scarcity in many areas where people are short of water for their basic needs.

But there’s good news too. The same study concludes that we food shoppers, cooks and eaters could massively reduce those environmental impacts just by making different food choices. This really is one of the easiest ways to start living greener.

Here’s a blog post about how we can eat for the climate including a simple calculator to get an idea of the carbon footprint of different foods. And here’s one on the environmental and culinary benefits of eating seasonal foods.

And here are the LivingGreener suggestions for food related changes that are good for the environment, and good for health too.

Eating greener change ideas coming soon

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