One of the good things about the choices that we make at home is that they are pretty much up to us. There are no company rules that we have to comply with and no social norms that we have to stick to. We make the rules, so we can make them greener rules if we choose to.

A lot of home decisions are about energy use, from long term investments, like insulation, double glazing, or solar panels, to daily habits like only boiling the water you need in a kettle, using a cooler clothes wash, or showering for one minute less. And these things do add up – 50 million adults in Britain showering for one minute less each day would save 250 million litres (100 olympic swimming pools) of hot water each day. That’s heading for the volume of Coniston Water in the English Lake District each year. Quite a lot of water, heat and money!

Other things to look at as far as home life is concerned are the recycling and looking for less polluting ways to do the washing and cleaning. So on our list to look at and write about here on the website are:

Heating, lighting and cooking
Cleaning and cleaning products
Washing, bathing, and showering
Clothes washing and dish washing
Electrical appliances and light bulbs
Electricity and gas supplier choices and renewables
Insulation and double glazing
And Recycling

Let us know if there are things you have tried in these areas or questions you have or things you’ve heard about.

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