Bananas are the new roses

The carbon emissions from a single hot house-grown red rose are more than from 4 kilos of imported bananas, so I’m floating the idea of a dozen yellow bananas for next Valentine’s day. I set off on this potentially romantically … Read More

Eat for the climate

Because food accounts for a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions changing what we eat can make a huge contribution to reducing gloabal warming. Here’s a great article and a food carbon footprint calculator from the BBC – so you … Read More

Eat seasonal. Cut carbon.

Here’s a great seasonal food calendar complete with recipes.  Eating fresh seasonal food is not only eating food at its absolute best, it’s also good for the environment. Food accounts for about 1/4 of all greenhouse gas emissions and one … Read More

swap the car key for the bike key

It seems a small thing, but I used to have my car key on the same ring as my house keys so that if I went out in the car I couldn’t lock myself out.  My bike key was on … Read More

Trains best. SUVs worst.

I set out to compare the greenhouse gas emissions of train with bus, coach, car and plane and train wins hands down.  Per passenger mile a train is 2x as good as a coach, 4x as good as a city … Read More

tap to cup to kettle

or how coffee drinkers can save the planet. To fill our kettle at home takes a litre and a half of water. To fill my coffee cup takes less than half litre. So if I boil a full kettle every … Read More

hopelessness and the unplayable piano

This weekend Stormzy headlined at Glastonbury. Amazing creativity, energy, and perfectionism. A creative perfectionist who was part of my youth is the jazz pianist, Keith Jarrett, and the other day I heard this story about him. In the 70’s he … Read More